Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tennessee williams

this is entirely dedicated to tennessee williams.  i dont really know much about him and have only read a few of his stories but imagining him writing them in new orleans definitely makes them seem that much cooler.  
obviously streetcar named desire came from here. 

the st. charles line streetcars.  they are all in amazing original condition with wooden bench seats and windows.  im actually pretty sure everything in the interior is just as it would have looked when they were first put on the tracks in the late 1800's.

the passengers are a mix of tourists and locals.

the townhouse that he lived in for the last twenty years of his life.  i stood on the front steps and then walked down the street just like he would have.  

the lovely house next door.  seriously you can see the side of mr. williams house on the right.

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