Tuesday, April 28, 2009


the heart of the delta blues. clarksdale is the tinniest town with oh so much history. because of its location it really hasnt changed much since the freedom of slaves. thus the blues was born and not changed by the white man.

we made friends!

we stayed at the coolest hotel motel thing ever.  the shack up inn is a combination of actual shacks and an old cotton gin that was changed into like 15 hotel rooms.  we werent even sure what this place looked like until we checked in.  wow.

the inside of the rooms was a combination of old old antique appliances and knick knacks, and then random newish furniture.  it was amazing!

this room was the main office, chapel, fun room.  i can only imagine what its like when its filled with people and music.   they are going to start having shows there.  i cant even explain to you how cool this place is. 

the delta blues museum was insane.  they actually had the shack that muddy waters lived in for  quite some time assembled in the center of the museum.  

you definitely got the feeling that this place was put together by the artists exhibited.  lots of signed instruments and photographs.  im sure clarksdale is the kind of place people visit and then want to leave their mark.  

this is puddin' he is 79 years old and a clarksdale local.  there were pictures of him in the museum might i add.  he was the best.  he had all these card and dice tricks.

we were sad to have to move on, but definitely started stirring up plans to go back.


Darcy said...

I think this place is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

oh my god I wanna go!!!!!