Tuesday, April 28, 2009


first of all i love the trees!  i loooove the trees.  look at this guy hes huge.  im like a tiny little bug compared to him.  hes like hey girl i know you think like oh hey youve got all these things you have to deal with but when i was planted people still had slaves and that is crazy.  i just had to sit here and watch all that happen around me and not say anything about it.  and now ive got all this spanish moss trying to take over my branches. 
oh tree you are so silly.

but really the plantations are amazing.  we decided to take a tour of the st. joseph sugar cane plantation which ended up being led by one of the actual family descendants of the house.  how cool is that.  the family has actually been renovating the property themselves.

im pretty sure they still use the house for family bbq's and such.  can you imagine going over to a giant house like this just to hang out.  i mean what is it like to learn about slavery and the civil war when you actually know your ancestors owned slaves.  

oak alley is one of the most famous plantations.  there are 28 evenly spaced oak trees believed to be 100 years older than the house.  so does this mean someone planted them all but never built anything?  not quite sure. or maybe the original house burned down.  hmmm.  didnt take the tour so i may have to do some research.

and the mississippi river.

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Darcy said...

It's really werid having traceable southern heritage.

The slave thing still gets me. My maternal grandmother's family comes from two Virginia families one that was well to do and basically came over rich from england and had a plantation with a gajillion slaves, and the other not as well off but had slaves and it's really werid reading about the stuff they did and that they owned people as property. I mean, you hear it all the time but it's really weird to think about I think.