Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new orleans

if you could take away all the cheesy tourists and add like 15 more places i can actually eat at i would seriously move here.  oh and youd have to get me a job here too.  other than that sold.  such an amazingly beautiful city. so much history.

chicory coffee and beignets. even doughnuts are better in french.


can you imagine.  "oh this - its my parents house"

this may have actually been a highlight of the walking tour i took that day.  you get such a positive feeling while walking through the cemetery's in new orleans.  maybe its because living people are in them all day long, or maybe its because they used to require people to come to the funerals by luring them in with free alcohol? you decide. 

wait they have ginger mint julips even better!
oh wait this isnt actually sold here or anywhere else.

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