Saturday, February 2, 2008

a plaid hat and a tattoo

remember when life was easy and you only had to wake up eat breakfast, go to school and battle adults for power in the world? maybe we just watched kids do that on tv but it still ruled. i was particularly obsessed with the adventures of pete & pete as a kid. funny thing is that while i was watching pete and pete i was also watching my so called life - two completely different takes on the same exact subject - growing up, and listening to cool music. i mean come on the magnetic fields wrote songs and stared in episodes of p&p not to mention deborah harry and iggy pop showed up as characteres!! how amazing is that. nickelodeon ruled in the early 90's. i had the hugest crush on little pete, in fact once i called in to volunteer community service hours for some nickelodeon marathon and i happened to get the previously recorded message thanking me from non other than little pete. wow. it was amazing. i still remember how awesome that was. and yes i did do the community service hours - 14 to be exact!!
he was just a kid that didnt care. he wore that same red flannel hat in every episode. and what about his wardrobe? combat boots always worn unlaced cause he just didnt care, shorts that were almost pants, and giant oversized flannels and button up shirts with sleeves way too long for his arms, it was like he was wearing his dads hand me downs cause big pete wasnt all that much bigger and definetely not cool enough to have dressed like that. little pete ruled!
and that tattoo. who knows an 11 year old with a lady tattooed on his arm? of course being a redhead myself i always felt a certain closeness to pete. the pale skin, the freckles, the chubby cheeks. it was like we were meant to be friends...
and then there is artie, who doesnt want their own personal superhero. he always showed up and proved that adults can sometimes be cool - that is if they have superpowers, huge muscles, wear tights, and dont befriend any other adults.
all in all pete & pete might be the coolest show ever. makes me wonder if my fondness for lumberjack plaids and boys with tattoos might have come from somewhere? :)


B.Rem said...

oh man, I googled lumberjack tattoo and stumbled on your blog. Cool stuff! I was actually telling this guy tattooing me about Pete's tattoo and he had never heard of the show.

Lisa Rau said...

Same as above, I was Googling young Pete's hat... haha. Great blog.