Wednesday, February 6, 2008

enchanting evils

there is something that is so hauntingly beautiful about graciela iturbides work. i visited her exhibit at the getty for the second time today. each time i have gone i leave feeling completely visually inspired - almost as if the entire experience is for my eyes - and the rest of my body is simpy there to share the joy of my dancing retnas.
while looking into any of her images i get the feeling that if i reached my hand inside, i could actually feel the surfaces of her subjects. the textures and shapes in the images are amazing.

i get the feeling of a certian closeness to death in all of her photos. almost as if she somehow managed to visit a world of limbo pergatory and managed to document her travels and bring them back to us. there is a certain metalic like feeling in the saturation of the black and white film that really shines. like an imaginary dream world that haunts you even while you arent asleep.

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