Saturday, February 2, 2008

hawk line and sinker (theyve already got me!)

when i first read in bazaar that jovovich-hawk are next up for targets GO line set to debut in march i was so excited i could barely wait. me being the obsessive shopper/bargain hunter that i am woke up bright and early (and i do mean early) to get there first in line for erin fetherstons opening day at target. luckily i snapped up everything my little fluttering heart desired!! so when i heard that Jovovich-Hawk would be producing affordable wears i could hardly handle it. i have been a fan of their line since the very beginning. they always use such beautiful fabrics and prints and details and awesome highwaisted denim (before everyone was jumping on the high waisted boat).
i searched all over the internet to find more examples of the line and found nothing for quite some time. and as cute as those little (jersey/wool?) shorts are, i needed more to fill my visual needs. so luckily a fancy little blogger ( found the line!!
its very laurely canyon 1970 hippy chic - true to their style - enjoy!!

see you there bright and early sometime in march.

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