Saturday, October 25, 2008


yes im back.
its been a while. actually its been such a while that it has gone from not so hot, to a little breezy, to oh its fall how exciting, to oh wow jackets already?, to oh wow its really cold, to umm is it winter already? to its a windstorm/rainstorm and its not even november and i am from california (most recently la) so im so not even mentally prepared for the cold thats coming.
and in other parts of my life, yes thats my apartment in the below post.  no i didnt put those pictures up to be creepy or fancy, or show offy - more like my family has been bugging me for about 2 months and finally i did it.

ok so now on to interesting things.  carnivale is the most beautiful show i think i have ever seen.  i  have had a recent obsession with the 1930's for the past few months. it all came together so randomly as a progression of thoughts and experiences but wow did that show ever bring it all together.  first it was cutting all my hair off into what i described to the stylist as " you know poor girl from the 20's or 30's.  then i started realizing all the amazing pre war architecture in the city, to deciding that i need  a perm to look like some kind of shirley temple clown, and then finally  watching carnivale and watching a show about the circus in the 30's.
ok so you probably arent following me here but it is amazing. you need to watch it.

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darcy Stockton said...

I've actually been working on a project for about a month now with a photographer friend of mine. He's doing an exhibition and it's all like carnivale/1930s/depression era photo themed.

I think you'd love it.