Sunday, July 20, 2008

laser eyes

this post has nothing to do with anything at all. its just really good for anyone who knows me to know exactly what im thinking about right now at exactly 10:50 pm sunday night.

everyone i know that lives in los angeles i swear to god is married or getting married.
i just figured that out with the help of rhea. fortunately for me i moved away before they could suck me into their web of outcast singles :)

also i have been listening to the new mirah album alot recently. its really good. im pretty sure that i never noticed how lesbian the lyrics are to all of her songs until now though. seriously. i think i have lesbian ears or something.

most importantly living in new york rules. todd and dionne visited this weekend and it was great. we went to todds moms art show in soho and then out and about. they were staying at the hotel right across from ground zero which was really weird to look out and see what is left and what is going on down there. so sad. it was awesome seeing them though.

lexi is my favorite new girl in the entire world. sorry all you other girls but lexi wins. we had an all day adventure hangout that had many destinations and we were pretty much 15 year olds. it ruled. it was about 95 degrees and 2875408572% humidity out though. waiting for the train is like a sauna. its nice that you can go to the free sauna in new york while you are on your way to hang out with people.

we went to a bunch of bars and somehow got free drinks at almost all of them. like the universe was telling us go ahead drink and dont even worry about paying - you deserve it.
thanks universe.
i also met the two strangest guys ever. i have no idea what there names were. i do know that they both drank a bunch of mojitos and talked about the most awkward things ever. like one kept bringing up his mom and the other one kept talking about his high school running buddy that he just bumped into that could run a 4:04 mile. thats really fast.

tomorrow i go to ithica for little bit of a roadtrip/work thing. its gonna be amazing. best part is that i dont have to drive at all. haha suckers. second best thing is we get to go swimming day two. its so hot here i wish i could swim everywhere.

xxxxx's and ooooo's

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