Friday, March 21, 2008


if youve been wondering what ive been doing lately . . .

after hanging out with my very cool friend lexi in brooklyn a few weeks back i jumped deep into the curious world of lost, and when i mean deep i mean i watched every episode from 1/2 way through season 2 all the way to the most current episode of season 4 as of now in like a week and a half!!!
she introduced me to the most random/awesome night ever at matchless where they seriously turn off all of the music and project the episode (live) on a screen at the bar on thursday nights. everyone is totally quiet and sucked into whats happening and as soon as the commercials start...bamm... the music is back and everyone is up and ordering drinks....then bammm....silence and the show is back on again.
i gave up on lost midway through season two because it seriously became the most annoying thing ever to watch on a weekly basis. well that and the fact i didnt really have cable :) so after some coaxing by lexi on the goodness of lost i decided to go back to where i left on and see just what happened. luckily realized that no one watches tv anymore so they put a bunch of their shows online - this including all four seasons of lost in hd streaming. so here i am watching lost all day and night and whenever else i find free time until im up to date. i do have to say that its alot easier to watch a show where everything and nothing happens in and episode when it is back to back, but seriously the show is so good. if you havent you need to.
part of me wants to gush about everything that has happened and how everyone seems to be dying except for the characters that i actually dont want to see. but ill leave the good stuff for you to check out on your own. seriously i kind of think its a real place and i sort of want to move there. is that wrong?

if you click the title of this post (found) you will go through a space portal all the way to the abc online episode player. see its magic.

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