Sunday, January 27, 2008

light brite

all my eagerly awaited anticipated hopes were filled on friday night at the high places/the blow/mirah show. it was alot like an underwater adventure with colors and lights and smoke words about the universe and love and general awesomeness. my eyes and my ears couldnt decide who was happier and then my brain decided it was just plain down right amazing.

high places are my new obsession. not only do they have cats riding skateboards as the background to their myspace page but they are a boy/girl band that use synthisizers, and bells and none of the usual live instruments that go along with what you imagine a band using.

and well the blow. hmm. lets just say that khaela is pretty much the coolest person ever. her set was a mix of stories that led into tangents that somehow set us up for the next song that also involved water bottles and pieces of crinkled up plastic and lights that shone from her to us, the audience letting you know that not only were we here to see her but she was there to see us as well. because of the fact i was previously obsessed with her i know that she is infact an artist of many mediums. there is something really simple and complicated about her that makes everything she does very relatable yet really deep at the same time.

i advise that you check out these two bands if you havent already. they make an sometimes ugly world seem bright. especially if you see them live.

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